A Medical & Eye camp was organized in Dar-es-sallaam  Tanzania.  Dr. H.F.Kushner, MD (Ophth.), Dr. Patrick Mckee, MD (Ophth) Dr.  Mukesh Aggarwal MD (Ophth.), Dr. Kiran Modi MD (Cardio.),  Dr. Kanti Bhalani MD (OB/Gyn),  Dr. Raj Rawal DDS, Mrs. Jagjit Kaura RN and many other volunteers helped serve in the camp. Although the number of patients seen and treated was well over 3000, due to local conditions only 19 eye surgeries with IOL implants could be performed.  Hospital Equipment worth $5000 was donated.  Also more than 500 sets of Rx Glasses procured by Jagjit Kaura RN were given to the eye patients.