Maheshwar Ch. Foundation
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Phone: (321) 242-9520 / 242-1166.
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MISSION STATEMENT: Peace & Fellowship worldwide through Selfless Service.

The Objectives of the Foundation and all its officers & volunteers are to provide:

a)..Quality medical care to the needy,  b)..Assistance for education in the form of scholarship and financial aid to the deserving and  c).. Assistance to the poor, aged, orphans and widows to achieve physical and financial self-reliance

Your Foundation has enjoyed tremendous support from the local Rotary Clubs, Medical Community, BIMDA, and hundreds of volunteers in India.  In 2004 we had the good fortune of identifying two Eye Hospitals in Bilaspur and Rampur ( Distt. Rampur,  U.P.) in addition to our long affiliation with the Hospital in Tanda (Punjab).   With a team of several Surgeons, Nurses and other volunteers in February and March 2005 we were able to organize 3 Charity Medical Projects at Bhagwan Mahavir Eye Hospital BLASPUR, KD Dalmia Hospital RAMPUR and Baba Balwantsingh Ch. Hospital TANDA. A total of 7500 Eye patients were examined and treated with free medicines and blankets given to them. In addition, 270 Cataract surgeries with IOL implants were performed. All surgeries, Hospital stay medicines and post-op care was provided Free of charge to the patients. . 750 pairs of Rx Glasses were also provided to those patients who could not afford to pay for their glasses.   In a 5 week period  in October-November 2005  we organized charity medical projects  in eight different locations  ( 3 of these well-established hospitals and the remaining being rural areas where  under the “OUT-REACH PROGRAM” patients could be examined and treated as well as those with cataracts selected for surgery and transported to the hospitals’ O.R).  A total of 3,940 patients were treated including 930 patients undergoing surgery with IOL implants. 450 pairs of Rx glasses and 150 blankets were provided to the needy free of charge.  As usual, there were many volunteers who worked tirelessly to serve in various areas. Dr. Hal Kushner MD, Dr. William Dunn MD, Laurie Petitpren, RN (from Daytona Beach FL.) Dr.Shankhdhar MS, Dr.Rawat MS, Dr.Singhal, MS,  Dr. a Chandra MS,Dr. K. Lal MD MS, Dr.Vikram Lal MD MS (Surgeons from India) Mr. & Mrs. Basati, RN ( from Chicago) Mr N.K Saini and  William Cox set a wonderful example for all to appreciate.

Future Projects:      Construction of a rural Hospital in Bissouli (Distt. Budaun U.P.) India for which the site has been selected. Various charity projects in Rural areas of U.P., Uttaranchal and Punjab are planned in Oct-Nov.2006.  Volunteers for future projects are most welcome.Donations are Tax-deductible under IRS Rules.  Over the years Maheshwar Foundation has been involved in medical projects in India, Tanzania and other parts of the world as well as scholarships and other educational programs promoting excellence. Our volunteers from India, U.K. U.S. and other countries have set a standard of excellence & selfless service. Our sincere thanks to the Volunteers, Rotary Clubs and the Donors. There is no higher calling than Service to others.   For further information please contact Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal (321) 453-3937, Daljit Saini 321-242-1166 or Deepak Kapoor (321) 242 – 9520.    
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